Boku Joy - September 2020 Spotlight

Please allow me to introduce myself, as we have not had the pleasure, my name Is Joy Blessman. I am the owner and artist behind Bokujoy, a company comprised of organic and natural shower, bath, and spa products. Bokujoy is a play on the French word "beaucoup" meaning "more" or "abundance"...Bokujoy simply translates into abundantly joyful, and for me, a means to share my joys with the world.

Being in business over 20 years I have learned the importance of being discerning. Discerning with one's mind, body, and spirit. It's my mental discernment, that navigated me out of the relationship with my ex-husband. Then and now I constantly create and re-create a healthy mental space to dwell in. Realizing my value and letting it empower me is an important part of that. The largest limits and hurdles to reaching my goals are the ones I impose on myself. I have daily conversations with myself through journaling, meditation, soaking in a warm tub of water and talking out loud about how to move the mountain that constantly gets in my way. The mountain, being ME! A strong mental space gives me the courage to face the challenges while honoring my body and spirit.

Honoring our body helps to keep us on earth and helps us to thrive. Our skin is our largest organ . . . so developing products that protect our vessel was and is vital. After all, sixty percent of what goes on our skin goes in our skin, so YES, we should be discerning. With this in mind, I use essential oils made by nature as opposed to synthetic fragrance oils which can have harmful toxins. I use ingredients that are gentle on the skin like vegetable glycerin, shea butter and beeswax. I love blending additives in my products that improve our resolve like arnica, flaxseed, and borage. I feel fortunate to share my gift, my passion with you all, please enjoy Bokujoy!

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