I Am Len's Kitchen and Askanya Chocolates - October 2020 Spotlight

Len Jefferson-Springer - I Am Len’s Kitchen

As a Cali native with Southern roots and busy life-balance seeker, my goal for using functional foods to support the wellness journey for women as myself (especially Women of Color) has always been based on three guiding principles. Simple health pathways, save time, and plant-centric to fit all eating lifestyles because bio-individuality is important.

In addition to my healthier spice blends, I develop 30 minute recipes, curriculum, and ebooks.

I also support Women of Color in the sober/sober curious community here in San Diego as the Restorative Eating Coach for the nonprofit holistic organization Served Up Sober.

As cooking class facilitator I also get to guide novice cooks to try new ways of eating without the overwhelm. Essentially, I help women make love edible for themselves. And that's what's up!

Corinne Symietz - Askanya Chocolates

Looking for some delicious and ethical chocolates exclusively made by women? Consider Askanya Chocolates: the first gourmet bean-to-bar chocolate company from Haiti. Winner of the Sustainability Prize at the NW Chocolate Festival in 2017, Askanya Chocolates craft exquisite chocolates, honestly sourced, 100% natural, handmade by women. We are Black-Owned, Black-Operated, Made by Women, since 2015.

Askanya Chocolates bars are currently available in Milk, Brown Sugar, Dark, Extra Dark and Lime flavors in regular bar (2oz), bite-size bars, block for baking and seasonal gift sets.

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