Enlighten Aromas - February 2021 Spotlight

Rachel McNeil - Enlighten Aromas LLC

Rachel resides in Plano, TX and is a mother, wife, educator, entrepreneur, and licensed professional counselor (LPC).

She has a passion for education and mental health counseling and her academic training and experiences include psychiatric hospitals, college counseling centers, private practice, and residential treatment centers.

She started Enlighten Aromas to provide a practical way to encourage women to make time for their self-care while promoting emotional and mental wellness. Between personal life experience and working in the mental health field for 10 years she has witnessed firsthand how chronic stress can manifest as anxiety, depression, and other health problems.

Her ideal customers are women who feel pulled in multiple directions, have constant demands on their time, and just need a moment to themselves. Her goal is to encourage balance, stress management, self-love. Enlighten Aromas’ help create an ambiance for comfort, relaxation, and peace of mind. All products are hand-made and hand-poured with love.

When she is not creating aromatic essentials, she can be found hanging with her husband and son, catching up with friends or curled up with a good book.

Visit www.enlightenaromas.com to compliment your self-love routine and leave your home smelling absolutely incredible.

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