December 2020 Spotlight

Shea Bailey - Planned & Proper

I'm Shea Bailey. I'm a wife, mom, and entrepreneur.

What motivates me to continue this journey is the desire to share and help women succeed and be their best. Many women want to shift their momentum and be on top of their game in everything they commit to. I wanted to create a tool to help them through the process.

Planned & Proper

Planned, of course, refers to the everyday work that gets done with tools like a day planner. 

But it also refers to the bigger picture of planning: having a vision for the possibilities in life, and turning your dreams into reality by purposeful planning.

Proper is likewise a word with deep significance. 

The deeper meaning for me is a sense of being appropriate, equipped, and well-matched to the occasion at hand.

My heart is serving professional women who seek excellence in their careers and their families. Being Planned & Proper means showing up in life ready to thrive, and ready to serve.

"Prepared for the day, equipped for life" is more than a tagline - it’s my goal for you. Each and every product I design has to help you prepare for your day, and feel equipped for your life

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