October 2020 Reveal

October brings two women who want us to enjoy our food just a little better!

October included:

4 organic spice blends from Len's Kitchen

  • Pumpkin + Cardamom 
  • Garlic Pepper + Herb 
  • Smoke Paprika + Old Bay
  • Curry-ish (NEW & EXCLUSIVE to Spotlight)

2 gourmet chocolate bars from Askanya Chocolates 

  • Brown Sugar Chocolate
  • Lime Chocolate

 Spotlight Vote Collection items

  • Your Vote Matters Pin
  • Election Survival Kit
  • 8 x 10 Black History Quote

A savory blend spice set is being curated exclusively for the Spotlight box members. A new flavor that has not yet been released to public will be featured as a bonus for our members. All of the spice blends are without any added fillers, binders, or chemicals, and all are non GMO, without sacrificing flavor.

What goes well with spice? Chocolate, of course! One of the first & only premier bean-to-bar chocolate companies will be a great pairing for October.

Make sure you have subscribed for October, so you can join our chef’s in the kitchen as we cook together online with our spices and enjoy our chocolate desserts.

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