February 2021 Box Reveal

Candles have a very significant role in Black American culture.  When we were not allowed to learn to read, candlelight helped us with those forbidden lessons. A candle was placed in the window to identify safe stations on the Underground Railroad. We also have a candle ceremony during the winter holiday of Kwanzaa with various meanings.

For Black History month, our February box celebrated these sentiments.
Each member received 5 items: 

  • Cleanse & Renew (full size 7 oz)
    • scents of rain water, linen, & rose
  • Soothe & Uplift (travel size 3.5 oz)
    • scents of sea salt, orchid, tonka, & oud
  • Focus & Meditate (travel size 3 oz)
    • Bamboo, Coconut, Black Currant
  • Candle Wick Trimmer
  • 2 special Black History items
    • earrings from Naturally by SOS displaying strong Black women leaders.
    • lapel pin with encouraging message "Love every shade" or "Black is Beautiful"

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