Journaling Benefits for self-care - April 2021

Mental Health Benefits Of Journaling For African Americans

Are you aware that your mental health can get affected by the stress that you pass through daily?

According to research, more than 50% of African American women go through stress in one way or another and it is gradually affecting their mental health. But the fact that you are depressed or stressed now doesn't mean you should give up on yourself.

Asides from taking drugs daily, do you know that journaling can help you release all the bottled-up stress inside you? Journaling was first perceived to be a practice that is associated with writers, but in recent times, people have realized that journaling also has some mental health benefits.

Journaling is very effective in more than one way. As you write, you put the left side of your brain into work and it is the left side that controls your mind, that is why journaling is very effective. Furthermore, the right side of your brain which is the creative part will also be at work and you can come up with creative thoughts that will inspire you.

That being said, below are the mental health benefits of journaling;

Journaling helps you in managing depression

What is that thing that makes you depressed? Or are you scared of admitting that you are depressed and then you keep sinking into it? Journaling has been proven to help people manage their symptoms of depression.

Depression happens to be one of the many causes of mental ill-health and daily, more people are getting depressed. Are you depressed because you've been abused by your loved one? Are you an African American woman who is depressed because of criticism from other people? It's time to pick up your journal and write away your depression. There's no need to wallow in self-pity, write down what you feel and see how refreshed you will feel.

Journaling helps you come out of anxiety

Anxiety is another cause of mental ill-health. It is similar to depression or you can say it is a major cause of depression. If you are always anxious, then make a journal your friend. Anxiety can make you lose your confidence and self-esteem, but, journaling can bring you out of that anxious state and give you back your self-confidence.

Journaling can lighten your mood

Are you in a bad mood? Did your colleague or employer talk down at you because you are African American? It's time to snap out of that mood and be happy. Journaling can help you achieve that cheerful look. Start by beating your mind and writing down what or who made you unhappy. After pouring out your heart, you will feel very light. It clears your mind of every negative thought and calms you down. When you write, you free your mind from negativity, you get to explore your creative mind. Furthermore, when you are sad, go to your journal and read through the days you were happy and you will find yourself smiling again.

You can record your success and failures

Nobody wants to be associated with the word failure, but your failure can eventually turn out to be a stepping stone to your success. That is why you need to write down everything you've achieved and what you have not been able to achieve. Believe it or not, when you see how far you have come, the little failures will no longer matter and you will begin to have a positive mindset. Positivity makes you mentally healthy and balanced.

Journaling helps you to relax, relax, and relax

Whenever you get stressed out and need something to help you relax, journaling could be exactly what you might need at that moment to help you relax your mind. When you write, you get to release all the tension bottled up inside you and relax better. When you are relaxed, even your immune system will be boosted and your mental health will be balanced. Why? Because you have nothing bothering you, you have released all the stress, anxiety, and depression in your journal.


If you don't have a journal, then it's time to get one. That little journal can make all the difference in your life, especially, your mental health. Be that strong African American woman you've always wanted to be by writing away from the pains and hurt you feel inside. Write down those things that make you depressed and watch yourself come alive again.

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