Intergenerational Healing - January 2021

Psychologists define trans-generational or intergenerational trauma as the unconscious transgression of trauma from ancestors to their next generations. 

According to the US Center, there have been higher cases of diabetes, higher blood pressure, and heart disease as compared to white Americans because of trans-generational trauma. The extent of the impact of intergenerational trauma depends on three key factors: exposure to racism, level of identity development, and the information about painful experiences and subjugation of their ancestors.

Sometimes, we may not be aware of these impacts or underlying contributors to negative health effects.  It is up to us to learn and understand how the past has lingering effects on our current lives and how we navigate through the past negative experiences.

How can we heal Intergenerational Trauma?

Healing from traumatic experiences that one never faced can be a huge challenge but the key lies in recognizing the trauma and its impacts. Once recognized, we can take the proper steps to have open dialogue  and help each other overcome symptoms.

There is no simple solution to intergenerational trauma. Psychologists have just started understanding this issue and different triggers. It is important to know who you are, your family history & heritage and embracing your culture wholeheartedly. 

Our January discussion and featured business, Lavenglow Organics will discuss this growing field of therapy and awareness for our healing. 



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