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How does it work? What do I get?

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Spotlight Box is a beautiful pairing of a membership & subscription!

When you join our membership, you are joining a sisterhood of ladies committed to supporting all aspects of the Black community.

When you are with like-minded individuals learning together, you will go farther & faster with your progress! It’s easier to hold yourself accountable to the promises you’ve made to yourself, when you are surrounded by a supportive community.

Our membership is MORE than a box, we are building a new experience, a new habit, a new movement for change!

We want YOU to be a part of what we are building!

Benefits to you...

❤️ Different curated products from a female Black business bundled exclusively for our box.
❤️ Gain invaluable knowledge about Black history.
❤️ Opportunity to grow consistently in allyship or be more connected to your Black history so that your voice for change will be heard.
❤️ Regular accountability so that we can be a strong community together.
❤️ Connect with other women outside your normal circles & build genuine friendships.
❤️ Intentionally support Black entrepreneurship and the Black community.


“I teach Black students, and I want to be not just welcoming, but an effective advocate for them at our college. Thank you so much for doing this.  It will be a guided, regular way for me to engage, and I'm so grateful you thought of this idea.”


“What you are doing for this topic it’s way bigger than us, its important & so necessary.  I joined because I’m always striving to grow, learn, meet new people, discover new products, etc. I feel like with the Spotlight box I will be getting all that plus more in one beautiful package. I feel like I am exactly where God wants me to be.”


“On this journey I hope to gain an awareness of the Black female business that I can support and to learn more Black history from the informational cards that will be included in each box.  I just love my people and wanted to turn my love into an action of support. I want to spend my money in the Black community.”


“The #1 reason I joined is to support you and other Black female businesses.  I want to learn how I, personally, can be an ally, to continue doing the work to confront my own racism, to learn and understand the systemic racism from which I have benefited.  I want to do the work, not just some days, but every day.”